About Mayday

Mayday PAC (MAYDAY.US) is a movement of citizens dedicated to ending the system of corruption in Washington, D.C. by changing the way campaigns are funded.

In 2014, Mayday launched as the “super PAC to end all super PACs.” We crowdfunded over $11,000,000 from over 68,000 individual contributions. In eight races across the country, we used these donations from thousands of ordinary Americans to support reformers in an effort to overcome the influence of special interests. This experience taught us important lessons about the most effective ways to rally members of Congress. We are bringing that same experimental, data-driven spirit to our new campaign.

With our new plan to activate voters directly, the potential to inspire leaders is even greater. Mayday will leverage the skills, ideas, and power of our community to win this fight. We are counting on your energy and ideas to make this campaign a success, so please get involved and take action to pass reform.