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MAYDAY.US is a cross-partisan campaign to fight big money corruption in politics by electing reformers. Let's win our democracy back!

We're going to the grassroots, organizing local teams to help elect champions of democracy. Find a team near you!

One person at a time, we're building a national grassroots campaign to save our democracy from big money corruption. Join us!


Our democracy has been hijacked by a handful super wealthy corporations and families. The framers of our constitution envisioned a democracy that was representative of all of us.

It now costs millions of dollars to get and stay elected. That means our representatives are indebted to large donors to fund their elections.

Luckily, we have a solution. Simple legislation that maximizes small donor contributions by matching them 6:1. This has been proven to nullify the corruption of big money on our political system.

In order to make this happen, we need to elect a critical mass of state and local champions. By growing support for fundamental reform from the ground up, we’ll force Congress to act - or get out of the way!

Help us in our fight to elect reformers at all levels of democracy – so that we might take our democracy back! We’re organizing a national grassroots campaign with local chapters in 18 states already. We’ll give you the tools to make an impact – sign up below!

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