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Help send Jamie Raskin to Congress to fight big money from special interests!.

MAYDAY.US is a crowd-funded Super PAC to end all Super PACs and the corruption of private money. Let's win our democracy back!

We're making campaign finance reform one of the issues of the 2016 campaign. Find out if your rep supports reform.


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The biggest challenge blocking fundamental reform is the belief that it is not possible. We want to change that belief by showing America – with results in Congress – that it is absolutely possible.

Last year, more than 50,000 people rallied behind this idea. We want to leverage that energy to close the gap between the number in Congress committed to fundamental reform and the majority needed to pass it.

This platform helps citizens ask their representatives to step up and become #Leaders4Reform. Give it a try.

State of Reform

We are 66 members away from a majority in the House, and the Senate bill has 22 sponsors. But across the range of fundamental reform (identified on the site, RepsWith.US), we are tracking how close we are to a majority in Congress. Because the closer we get, the more likely it is that leaders from either party will make this issue central to the 2016 campaign.

Recent Leaders for Fundamental Reform

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Recent Coverage

“It’s an ingenious plan to make the drive for small-dollar publicly funded elections a central issue in 2016. With a little luck... idea could help save the republic.”

Matt Miller, Washington Post Opinions

“The first part was hard. That second part is even harder. But now that MAYDAY has done the impossible once, it's worth staying tuned to see if they can do it again.”

Ben Wikler, Tech President

“The mortal struggle at hand today is not between the right and the left. It is not between Republicans and Democrats. It is not between the Congress and the president. It is between us (currently outsiders to our own government) voters and the Washington Insiders.”

Ralph Benko, Forbes Opinion

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