Our Team


Chris Tallent

National Campaign Director

Chris is an activist with years of experience working on progressive campaigns at the local, state, and national levels. At USAction, Chris assisted campaigns to oppose federal budget cuts to key programs and end the escalation of the war in Iraq. In Rhode Island and Maryland, Chris assisted on local issue campaigns to challenge the power of big corporations and ran campaigns to elect progressive candidates. Most recently, Chris served as a Research Analyst at Every Voice, working to end the influence of big money in our elections through ballot measures, electoral work, and intersectional social movement organizing.

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Teddy Rube

Senior Organizing Associate

Teddy has years of experience organizing around candidates and ballot issues on the city and state level. Before working with MAYDAY America, he managed the 2016 election campaigns of six publicly funded candidates for the Maine legislature. He studied in Classical and Medieval Studies at Bates College, in Lewiston, Maine. When he’s not organizing with MAYDAY around the country, he can be found playing music and recording podcasts in Washington, DC. You can reach him at [email protected]

Legal Counsel

Trevor Potter

Matthew Sanderson

Former staff of MAYDAY.US

Lawrence Lessig – ceo and board chair
Zephyr Teachout – ceo and board chair
Szelena Gray – chief operating officer
Cyrus Patten – chief operating officer
Aaron Lifshin – cto
Lila Schreiber – campaign manager
Rohan Siddhanti – deputy campaign manager

Past Technical Volunteers

Andrew Baker – systems engineering
Noelle Bivens – software engineering
Brian Boyko – social media, copywriting, technology
Sam Clayton – project management
Dallas Cole – legislative research
Tyler Driscoll – design
Corey Farwell – software engineering
Hunter Freyer – software engineering
Darius Garza – brand & user experience design
Gabriel Grant – software engineering
David Harrison – web development
Josh Koch – software engineering
Ali Nabavi – software engineering
Eric Newport – software engineering
J.T. Olds – software engineering
Allen Oliver – software engineering
Michael Ortlieb – design
Phil Palios – technical consulting
Jon Parker – software engineering
Rachel Perkins – functional and tech advisor
Brad Pitcher – software engineering
RJ Sheperd – software engineering
Erica Siverston – general consulting
Jacob Turino – software engineering
James Haley – software engineering
John Pray – software engineering
Jim Pugh – data consulting
Jeremy White – software engineering