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    Get Educated

    Find out how we’ll elect a majority committed to fundamental reform, and ending the system of corruption in Washington, DC.

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    Spread the Word

    Build the movement to form a more perfect union. Help us recruit more people to help.

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    Call Congress

    Start fighting for fundamental reform. This tool will help you call the office of one of our potential leaders, so you can ask your legislators to support reform.

    We respect your privacy. Your phone number will not be shared with any third party.

    Thanks for calling Congress!

    You should receive a phone call to the number you shared momentarily. We’ve identified 5 reprentatives you can help convince to sign on as supporters of reform. We'll connect you to them in the following order:

      Sample script:

      Hi. My name is _______ (if applicable: and I’m a voter in your district). I’m asking _______ to be a leader in the fight to restore our republic to the people. We need _______ to support legislation to change the way members of Congress raise money for their campaigns. There are five Republican and Democratic proposals. You can see the list at RepsWith.US. Will _______ please consider supporting one of those bills?

      When finished with one call, press * on your phone to be connected to the next rep. If you're accidentally disconnected, just redial the number you’ve been called from: +1 224-334-3343

      If you'd like information about specific legislation, any of the following reforms listed at http://www.repswith.us/reforms will bring about significant change:

      • House: Government By the People Act (HR-20)
      • House: Empowering Citizens Act (HR-424)
      • Proposal: The American Anti-corruption Act
      • Proposal: Political Money Reform Proposal
      • Proposal: Taxation Only With Representation Act

      If you have any feedback, please write to [email protected].

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      Join the Discussion

      Meet other citizens dedicated to reform and help shape the campaign.

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      We've got lots we need people to help with. Sign up if you can do more.

      Thanks for volunteering!

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