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  2. Your phone will ring. When you answer, our automated system will connect you to the first representative listed.
  3. A member of the rep's staff will answer. If you're calling after hours, you may be able to leave a message.
  4. Leave your comment with a Congressional aide or their answering machine.

    Sample script (don’t worry, you’ll also see it on screen while you call Congress):

    Hi. My name is _______ (if applicable: and I’m a voter in your district). I’m asking _______ to be a leader in the fight to restore our republic to the people. We need _______ to support legislation to change the way members of Congress raise money for their campaigns. There are five Republican and Democratic proposals. You can see the list at RepsWith.US. Will _______ please consider supporting one of those bills?
  5. Once you've completed your call, hit * to disconnect. Follow the prompts and you will be connected to the next rep on your list.

You can end your calling session at any time. If you're unable to complete your list in one session, you can come back later and pick up where you left off.

If you'd like to cite your favorite legislation, any of the following reforms listed below will bring about significant change:

  • House: Government By the People Act (HR-20)
  • House: Empowering Citizens Act (HR-424)
  • Proposal: The American Anti-corruption Act
  • Proposal: Political Money Reform Proposal
  • Proposal: Taxation Only With Representation Act

Learn more about these reforms at

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